WhatsApp For Business

Boost engagement and strengthen customer relationships through our WhatsApp for Business solutions

Etisalat Information Services offers round the clock support to our clients backed by our fully- automated cloud-hosted platform. It helps businesses correspond to a voluminous customer and provide ubiquitous exposure among customers and other stakeholders.


Our AI-powered conversational chatbot enables businesses to send notifications, conduct enquiries, make payments, reservations, manage complaints, provide support services, offer discounts and much more. Our Whatsapp for Business solutions takes your digital marketing a notch higher with its conciseness and clarity. It helps you keep your customers close and be at their immediate disposal.

Our WhatsApp for Business solutions offer manifold benefits to your business

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Deliver notifications

By using our WhatsApp for Business solutions, you can promptly notify your customers about updates such as the expiring period of a policy, delivery tracking and more.

Facebook Ads

Meta, the parent company of WhatsApp and Facebook, is a deep and rich pool of business leads. We help our clients leverage Facebook ads to augment lead generation and convert them through a live agent evoking call to action that says ‘Click to WhatsApp.’

On-demand information

We help businesses timely respond to the on-demand enquiries of customers about product information, warranty specifications, account balance and much more.

Order Management

Assists businesses in helping their customers execute transactions, make reservations, reschedule deliveries and open accounts.


Through WhatsApp for Business Solutions, we help our clients enhance the quality of their customer service by addressing grievances, providing solutions through swift response and getting feedback to improve the quality of offerings.

What is the scope of ourWhatsApp for Business solutions?


An automated response bot connected to the knowledge archive and system.

Live Agent Chat

In the case of responsiveness of the bots, chats get transferred to the live agent.

Integration API

Meet customer demands by integrating live systems for businesses.

BPA Manager

Assists in process automation with zero code development.