Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions

Etisalat Information Services strives to manage its clients in an expert, convenient and amicable way. By choosing Etisalat Information Services for its services, the clients will agree to the following terms and conditions:

01.The Agreement

  • An independent contractual relationship will be developed between the clients and Etisalat Information Services, and it will by no means imply any partnership or consortium by any party.
  • Both parties will agree upon the date that will indicate the initiation of services, and based on the same client will be charged.
  • Clients will receive a monthly periodic report of service execution.
  • Either party may not nullify or completely transfer the responsibility towards services to another vendor without giving a prior notice of a minimum of 10 business days.
  • Etisalat Information Services has the right to subcontract some services.
  • An individual who isn't involved with the contract will not have any rights under or related to it.


  • If a client has subscribed to a monthly service package from Etisalat Information Services, it obligates them to pay the complete chargeable sum before the commencement of work.
  • In case Etisalat Information Services and the client mutually agree on a fixed quotation related to any of the services offered, the clients are liable to pay half of the billable sum in advance before the commencement of services. The client must pay the rest of the half within a week of the service initiation.


  • Etisalat Information Services won't be liable towards any losses incurred indirectly or as an outcome of a delay in service delivery if the cause of the delay is a natural or ungovernable factor.
  • Clients are obligated to defend, cover and hold Etisalat Information Services protected from and against all claims, liabilities, losses and costs associated with the services offered by Etisalat Information Services to clients under this agreement.
  • It includes unlimited claims of third parties related to deceptive advertising, liability claims for offerings sold by the client, patent claims, claims made due to disturbance of malfunctioning of services delivered, infringement of copyright and trademarks, or any content piece submitted by the client to be published by Etisalat Information Services.
  • The clients shall be invoiced monthly by Etisalat Information Services in advance.
  • If the client fails to pay a monthly invoice on the due date, we have the right to halt the services immediately. We will also not be liable to give a 10-day notice in advance in such a case.
  • Any information or content shared with Etisalat Information Services for publication will be publicly accessible instantly after publishing.
  • Etisalat Information Services will not be responsible for analyzing the material or any restitution, profit loss, goodwill or other business assets caused due to the publication of the assets.


  • It will not free the client from complying with these terms and conditions if- at any point of time during the contract term Etisalat Information Services fails to hold out the strict adherence to any obligations placed by the client mentioned in the service contract or our terms and conditions.
  • Any waiver concerning terms and conditions will only be officially valid when conveyed in writing.

05.Privacy Rights

  • We will ensure to keep all information given by clients confidential, provided through forms such as their name, email, mobile number, URL, etc.
  • We will not share this information with any third party without seeking the client's prior permission. Nevertheless, this information will be available to the employees of Etisalat Information Services.
  • Etisalat Information Services will take appropriate preventive measures to avoid losing, misusing or modifying clients' personal information.
  • Etisalat Information Services cannot guarantee any security breach related to online data transfer as it is intrinsically insecure.
  • Etisalat Information Services implements SSL encrypted technology to make sure the highest level of security against online theft and fraud in case of financial transactions.
  • We use cookies to track the browsing information and preferences of online users and may also use cookies to accumulate statistical information about the browsing history of clients to optimize our website.
  • The third-party websites that have their ad links present on the website of Etisalat Information Services might also use cookies to collect the statistical data of our clients. Please note that cookies do not give access to private information or a third party.

*Etisalat Information Services has the right to change these Terms and Conditions at any time, which includes the duration of the ongoing contract. The clients will be intimated of these changes officially through the company email.