A2P Messaging

Our A2P messaging API integrates efficiently to help businesses send out text messages globally

SMS is a highly viable tool for sending A2P Messaging like payment confirmation, shipping details, two-factor authentication codes, etc. The A2P Messaging solutions by Etisalat Information Services assists businesses in sending A2P Messages of all kinds in a swift, easy, cost-effective and well-integrated manner.

Prompt and reasonable programming and shooting of massive volumes of A2P Messages locally and internationally

Big Data Messaging text

We ensure transparency and accountability by helping you keep a tab on performance insights and keep you updated with the particulars of the messages along with the basic sending statistics. If our clients wish, they can also export the lists of messages.

Our A2P Messaging solutions can supplement diverse functions throughout the customer life cycle

  • Onboarding Messages such as sign-ups for e-commerce stores. 
  • Confirmation messages for payments, orders, appointments and more. 
  • Update messages about the status of shipping, process, etc. 
  • Reminder messages for bookings, appointments, items in a cart, etc.
  • Confidential and secure automated OTP messages for the verification of sign-ins, sign-ups, payments and more.