Search Engine Marketing

We bolster your SERP’s ranking through well-strategized and executed Search Engine Marketing 

Etisalat Information Services helps businesses promote their content and offerings among the top SERPs with its Search Engine Marketing services. SEM involves paid advertising; as the user clicks on the published ad, the publisher pays for it. It entails Pay Per Click and Cost Per Click campaigns on Google and other search engine platforms. 

EIS - SEM Services

Our SEM approach

Building campaign strategy

Draft campaign objectives, build conversion tracking mechanism in Google Analytics and ultimately. By Geographically targeting your campaigns, we drive traffic towards your website cost-effectively. 


We identify budget-friendly, high-performance keywords for your business. Our goal is to amplify the online presence of your business across the most productive search phrases. For the same, we pre-determine a budget and streamline matching keywords with the PPC bids.  


We create appealing copy and creative designs and test the copy to assure optimum engagement and conversion rates. Based on testing, we recommend measures to decrease CPC and enhance impressions.  


We generate dashboard reports to harvest API data by using sophisticated tools. We evaluate the Key Performance Indicators based on metrics like CTR, bounce rate and conversions. We consistently optimize campaigns to boost the ROI. 

Why choose Etisalat Information Services for SEM services?

  • We help you amplify the CTR of your Google ads.
  • Our SEM strategies helps expedite organic content marketing and SEO. 
  • As paid search results appear at the top of the very first page of SERP’s, they are hard to miss. Hence, they amplify brand awareness. 
  • Close to 30% of Google searches have a local search intent. We help local businesses rank better the Local Ad Service Google offers. 
EIS - SEM Services
EIS - SEM Services