Marketing & Campaign Automation

Campaign integration that helps you adapt and decipher user experiences in real-time

Etisalat Information Services assist businesses in segmenting B2C and B2B prospects and customers by building consistent and closed-loop sales and marketing campaigns that foster leads throughout every single phase of the buying cycle. Our top-notch marketing and campaign automation solutions offer cutting-edge campaign design, robust lead generation, gain customer insights in real-time, sophisticated intelligence and well-synergized sales tools.

We help you execute glitch-free marketing campaigns and harvest high-quality leads whilst giving buyers an exquisite experience at every single touchpoint. Instead of spamming your customers, our marketing and campaign automation services help you become visible and present the right offerings at the right time to your customers and prospects by building multi- channel personalized campaigns.

Why is marketing automation required ?

Marketing & Campaign - generate leads

Generate More Leads

Marketing & Campaign - generate Sales

Drive More Sales

Marketing & Campaign - Increase ROI

Increase ROI on Marketing

Why Choose us ?

  • We help you augment customer engagement through ROI driven account-based marketing.
  • We help in the engagement of your contact on their most preferred platforms.
  • We help your sales personnel follow through the entire customer journey to understand the customer needs. It inculcates well-informed conversations with customers.
  • Our consistent email templates and branding throughout the lines of business removes redundancy, helping you minimize cost.
  • We simplify campaign deployment for you.
  • Through our marketing and automation services, you can enhance customer loyalty and maximize their lifetime value with your business.

What is our approach?

We organize and schedule emails, develop one-time campaigns along with managing your subscribers through a unified interface.

By automating the A/B test for email campaigns, we identify the message that entices maximum engagement and induces dialogue.

We pre-determine goals and assess them through operational reports based on CTR, channels, conversion and timing, followed by the management of progress optimizable using any device.

Moving ahead of being confined to CRM, we stretch your customer horizon towards web analytics and e-commerce data.