Develop strong customer relationships with CPaaS solutions by Etisalat Information Services

The shift towards deep-learning hyper-personalized marketing is the foundation of the game-changing marketing technology called Communication platform as a service, or CPaaS. As one of the top CPaaS providers in the UAE, we help businesses of all sizes and industries with their digital transformation.


Our clients get the liberty to automate and customize the platform based on variables such as budget, customer experiences and journeys, demands, qualifications, specific business requirements, and marketing strategies.

Our WhatsApp for Business solutions offer manifold benefits to your business

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Sending pertinent and contextually targeted messages to a massive customer base based on interests, tastes, and buying behavior.


By merging and automating multiple communication channels, CPaaS smartly helps create long-lasting and committed consumer relationships.


Examining campaign effectiveness through planning, scheduling reports, and a visually pleasing presentation of the campaign performance.


Effectively using AI and ML to plan and carry out campaigns on time across the most relevant platforms.

Omni-channel communication through a cloud-based platform

CPaaS work with the help of APIs, enabling businesses to access omnichannel communication tools within an integrated platform, saving them the trouble of hopping between different service providers.

  • Email- Send bespoke and engaging emails and assess their performance in real time.
  • In-app messages- Augment user experience by starting new conversations, notifying customers about new offers, sending alerts and receiving feedback.
  • SMS- Through our CPaaS solutions, businesses can execute responsive 2-way messaging and 2-factor authentication for protection against fishing and malicious activities. Our CPaaS solutions also facilitate group messages and automation of workflow.
  • WhatsApp for Business- Send and receive media, documents and locations, track read and delivery reports, and automate repetitive efforts through our WhatsApp for Business
  • solutions.
  • Web push notifications- We help you reach and engage your existing and potential customers by segmenting them based on their life cycle events.
  • App push notifications- Attract user attention and bolster personalized engagement through relevant push notifications based on the browsing history and user information in the format of a carousel, banner or plain text.