Case Study

The Case of Benq

As one of the world"s prominent human technology and solutions providers, the objective of BenQ is to enhance and augment the crucial Facets For people; lifestyle, business, healthcareand education through innovative products like Digital Projectors, Professional monitors, mobile Computing Devices, Imaging and LED solutions. BenQ decided to go beyond its existing marketing efforts and partnered with Etisalat Information Services to remedy the situation.

Case Study


elS deciphered that despite a unanimous targeting of the cash cows towards B2B and B2C segments, the B2B conversions lagged much behind the B2C conversions. These Findings were also immensely significant for benQ with regards to brand power, market share and revenue.


eIS conducted an in-depth audit by basing it on demographic, geographic and consumer behaviour factors and devised an elaborate plan to amplify the CTR by focusing on improving impressions and clicks targeted towards the chosen segment. eIS examined the campaign through the lens of Google to enrich the search volume by incorporating campaign-specific keyword selection.

The outcome achieved by EIS

  • Execution of a transparent performance-driven campaigns to boost B2Benquiries for BenQ.
  • eIS helped BenQ escalate the CTR for Projectors, Interactive Flat Panelsand Monitors from negligible to 5-6%.
  • eIS outperformed the industry standard of 2-3% increment in theconversion rate, by delivering a groundbreaking increment of 5-6%.
  • As an outcome of the digital marketing campaign conducted for the UAEand KSA market by eIS, BenQ generated a sales pipeline of a whopping $2,000,000 in the UAE and KSA market.
  • BenQ has renewed its digital marketing contract with eIS for 4 years in arow for 4 different projects.