A comprehensive guide for everything you need to know about CPaaS

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A cost-effective and easy to implement set of communication tools that can help your business accomplish holistic communication goals.

The evolution and transformation of business communication over time have been phenomenal, as each advancement has made communication easier and brought businesses closer to customers and other stakeholders. CPaaS or Communication Platforms as a Service is a groundbreaking improvement in how businesses communicate across different modes of communication.

CPaaS is a cloud-based delivery framework which enables entities to embed real-time communication competence to business applications such as messaging, videos and voice by installing APIs. It enables integrating real-time, cloud-based and bespoke communication tools like two-factor authentication messages or video chats straight to an app.

The most appealing feature of CPaaS is that businesses do not need sophisticated IT resources to implement it as it is a comprehensively supported platform. The flexible and low-maintenance nature of CPaaS makes it an ideal choice for small-sized businesses seeking tools for customer engagement and amplifying their customer base.

For example, CPaaS can seamlessly help if a clinic wants to send out a reminder to patients for appointments to eliminate the loss of missed appointments or if a delivery company sends out delivery updates to cut down the quantity the requests for redelivery.

How does CPaaS work?

Application Programming Interface or APIs is at the very root of the functionality of CPaaS. By enabling the communication of two apps with each other, APIs help businesses save redundant investments on expensive hardware that does not offer a scope of scalability. APIs can help set up and embed real-time communication solutions on an individual platform without developing a complex backend infrastructure.

CPaaS use cases

Here are the main differences between Chat GPT and Bard-

  • Voice calls (Outbound and inbound routing)- It entails a spectrum of voice call-related functions such as routing, reviewing call records, callback triggers and implementing IVR for distributing incoming calls. The efficient management of call volume is positively related to facilitating transactions and customer support.
  • Two-factor authentication- It helps businesses get secured by adding another layer of security against cybercrimes. It ensures the users with a sense of security, thereby augmenting user experience, enhancing scalability and instilling cost-effectiveness by cutting down costs associated with security and the help desk.
  • Automating reminders, schedules and transactional SMS- CPaaS can help businesses simplify the hassle of scheduling reminders for meetings and sending out alert notifications for transactions. Timely reminders ensure timely payments, contributing towards a better revenue cycle. CPaaS has been a game changer for transactional messaging in e-commerce, offline retail and food delivery services.
  • Call Masking- By masking the caller ID, businesses can display a different number that avoids featuring numbers like international numbers or private numbers that discourage customers from taking calls. It helps display a toll-free number or a regional number instead.
  • WhatsApp for Business- A verified WhatsApp business account is a tried and tested platform to bolster sales remarkably. With a feasible strategy in place, WABA can help your business grow significantly. It facilitates the seamless integration of websites, web pages, software and more. The Consistent feature upgrades by WhatsApp offer an immensely satisfying business-centric experience for B2B and B2C products. If you are not sure where to begin, Etisalat Information services offer convenient WhatsApp for Business API integration under CPaaS.
  • Push Notifications- By integrating the API into the communication platform of a business, push notifications can be sent. They flash on the screen in text or a banner format to boost reach and facilitate user engagement based on segments and events they are browsing on the web. Push notifications can effectively help in driving traffic to your website.
  • In-app messaging- CPaaS consolidates the communication features within your business app. It helps in user engagement as they browse through the internet, targeting them based on the segment they belong to and their life events. It is feasible for businesses as it doesn’t need hefty investment or development from the business owners.

What are the advantages of implementing CPaaS?

  • Bolster employee efficiency- Effective communication and collaboration tools integrated internally with company systems and processes positively contribute to employee efficiency. It helps them gather and exchange information conveniently.
  • Optimize marketing campaign by improving customer experience- IAs reported by Aberdeen Group, Organizations with robust Omnichannel marketing strategies can retain almost 89% of customers, along with experiencing annual revenue growth of 9.5%. CPaaS helps businesses meet their holistic communication and engagement requirements by providing a single source that caters to it all singlehandedly and seamlessly.
  • Better customer experience- The growth of the CPaaS market aligns with emerging trends in customer-facing communications. One of the key growth drivers of the CPaaS market is the need for contextual communications that augment customer experience.
  • Improve customer services- One of the best things about CPaaS is that it allows businesses to communicate with customers through the platforms of their choice. It supports businesses in reaching out to customers across an array of communication platforms conveniently. Consequently, it boosts brand loyalty, amplifies sales and creates brand ambassadors.
  • Cost-effectiveness- The cloud-first CPaaS solutions are very flexible and customizable and generally come with the pay-as-you-go feature that helps cut down expenses.
  • Customize without inhibitions- With CPaaS, you can choose the tools of your requirement through customization. For instance, if video calling and text chatting fulfil your communication needs, you can subscribe to these two and skip the unproductive ones. APIs can be further optimized to derive the most optimal solutions.
  • Scale up your business- CPaaS offers bespoke and scalable solutions, depending on your business needs. It also simplifies adding or removing features to a great degree.

Business processes CPaaS can significantly help with

  • Accounting - Trust and assurance of availability to the clients are critical facets in ensuring the credibility of an accounting firm. A well-crafted assortment of CPaaS apps can help businesses consistently offer quality services and assistance to clients, even outside the scope of offices and physical meetings.
  • Marketing- Develop, send and observe the performance of multi-channel marketing campaigns that enables you to guide customers through a personalized journey suitable for every stage of the well-connected purchasing funnel which could be analyzed across a single platform.
  • Supplementing Sales - CPaaS notifies you whenever your business receives any new lead through the CRM and sends out automated responses, cutting down your response time and doing wonders for customer satisfaction.
  • Customer Service- CPaaS comes in very handy in delivering effective and efficient customer service. It helps your customer service team offer a synergized and smooth experience across multiple devices and platforms.


CPaaS is a groundbreaking tool for business communication as it integrates the features of web, payments, mobile, applications and communication into a unified platform. It also facilitates businesses in making their communication strategy more meaningful. Etisalat Information Services is an innovative and leading digital marketing agency. We implement a cloud-first and mobile-first approach to deliver sophisticated omnichannel marketing services and APIs, through which we help our clients cost-effectively communicate with their customers globally. For more information on how we can help your business with omnichannel marketing, visit